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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New kids on the block
This post was abruptly terminated by my son Jesse hollering "the goats are out"! Last seen bolting across the driveway, outside the fence, and on their way to an unsuspecting neighbors' yard.  Several tense,prayer filled minutes later they were found munching on salmonberries within ten meters of "Chateau de Chevre" aka the goat shack. Goats do roam but in this case entirely due to my first misstep as a goatherdess - I left the back gate ajar.

Early mornings have a new and satisfying rhythm now that the goats have joined our journey.  With coffee in hand, the goats and I wander the lavender meadow. While I harvest and prune the lavender, they attempt to irradicate the ubiquitous weeds.  Life has taken on a profound sense of well being these days but I remind myself this is summer on a Gulf Island!
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