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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Muscovy Ducks - red meat of the future
Waiting for Pixie to deliver kids this summer was a bust.  The breeding was not successful   What nature did provide was 50 muscovy ducklings!  So what was to be the year of the kids became the year of the ducklings.  Friends, cottage guests and neighbours came to visit Bliss Farm as Belle and Blossom paraded about the yard showing off their ducklings.  If you want to experience living in the moment, pull up a lawn chair by the watering hole and watch the little ducklings have a bath.  The posters went up - $5 a duckling and sales were brisk.  38 ducklings later we had a small farm income.  The last hatch was on my birthday in mid October.  After reading about how healthy and lean muscovy duck meat is we decided to reserve this last hatch for the freezer.  We have ,for the last three years, raised our own chickens for meat   Duck meat was an obvious next step to being more self sufficient and eating local - the 100 metre diet.  Last  Saturday night with eight special friends around the table we tasted what we had raised for 15 weeks.  They were delicious.  Free range muscovy duck breasts are comparable to filet mignon and my new red meat of choice.  I believe we have tasted the meat of the future.  
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