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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Shinrinyoku- the power of the forest
It smells good on Quadra.  Not just the clean air.  Forest floor mingles with seaweed strewn beach mixed with an undercurrent of cedar sap. Much like a fine wine it's complex. 

Now the Japanese have come up with a word for what many of us enjoy on Quadra Island on a regular basis.  Shinrinyoku is a popular Japanese experience.  It is, to put simply, a walk in the forest breathing in its splendour.  There are scientifically proven benefits of Shinrinyoku. Two of which are lower stress levels and higher natural killer (nk) cells which can help our immune system fight cancer.  The benefits can last up to one month after the walk in the forest. 
So get out and breath in those Phytoncides. Oh and if you need a dog to join you Blaze, our lab,  is always available!

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