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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Year of the Kids!
Last year the little herd of goats on Bliss Farm grew by one.  Sweet William, a wee buck, joined us in June 2013. He settled in well and has earned his keep already by fathering two kids. In early January, on a starry starry night, Pixie gave birth to a big healthy buckling we named Vincent Van Goat.  Three days later Cleo birthed a sweet little doe. The two kids became fast friends leaping and racing about the farmyard.  Now chores are taking considerably longer as 'socializing' the kids is part of the routine.  Oh what joy it is to snuggle a kid on a cold winter morning.  And the wee ones have wattles just like their dad!  Sigh - now if I could just get more than a tablespoon of milk from their reluctant mothers. 
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