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Bliss Farm News

 Three lovely Nigerian Dwarf goats have joined our farm this summer.  Buzz, Pixie and Cleopatra are settling in to their lush green enviroment very nicely. Their main job these days is clearing blackberry and salmon berry bushes.  And I am getting as much pleasure watching as they are devouring the thorny creeping shrubs.  Once they have finished here I might even consider loaning them out as sustainable land clearers with the bonus of free fertilzer. The plans are being made for breeding Pixie and Cleo so hopefully 2012 will be the year of the KIDS! 
It is impossible not to feel euphoric when harvesting lavender.  The scent of the lavender on a hot summer day is intoxicating.  July is the month of the lavender harvest and everyone is happy! 

In July 2006 some friends and I planted 200 small lavender angustofolia plants  - just for the pure pleasure of having something that I loved in abundance. The field in bloom is pure bliss for me.  It is so lovely I have a hard time harvesting it when it is in bloom and tend to let it dry on the plant.  2010 will be different.  The plants have grown and so have I.  The date will be set and friends new and old will be invited to help harvest the lavender.  I will keep you posted on the exact date - sometime in late June or early July for those of you that like to plan ahead.

New Summer Arrivals

On June 24th we had a new arrival on the farm - Dot - a wee Plymouth Barred Rock chick.  Proud and protective momma hen is Roody (short for Broody).  Our Rooster, Granite, the indifferent papa has not shown any paternal instincts.  On June 25th, with my mom and the neighbourhood kids in attendance,  we created a new home for Roody and Dot in our dog, Blaze's rejected dog house.  We noticed one of the unhatched eggs was cheeping.  Quickly, but not too gracefully, the egg was placed in the nest under Roody.  Within hours another chick had hatched and was promptly named Spot. The chicks have grown up and are now in the main chicken coop with the others.  They are five months old and we still can't tell if they are hens or roosters!  The 'cocka doodle doo' will be the deciding factor and that should start happening any day now!